Photograh by Marie September 2012

Travel is a six letter word…


Travel is simply a journey one takes from one place to another. Travelling could be commuting to work, or to be more aspiring; flying to another country. Travel for me is purely sensory, and even though I have been abroad more than once, I still never fail to notice the strange smells, unfamiliar sounds and different colours when I’ve landed in a place away from home. I use to identify travel as a trip overseas, most of the time this trip would involve travelling by plane. That may be one way to voyage but there are so many other ways to get from one place to another. One could simply take a road trip or to be more extravagant; maybe a world cruise on a major ocean liner. There are no limitations, and there are always multiple ways to arrive at your destination,  nowadays we are most certainly spoilt for choice. I think with all this definition of what travel is, we should then be clear not to identify travel by any popular notion of transportation and merely label the word as,  ‘a journey from one place to another.’

Travel is only made better when we are staying in the right place at the right time. So with that in mind I have focused this blog on affordable accommodation and how to stick to a budget when seeing the sights. There will be different options for different budgets, so bear in mind it’s great to take away from your reading what suits you best. Accommodation is basically where one can live, stay or work. Whether we are travelling for business or pleasure, our hotel, motel or even backpackers if you like, will either enhance or disturb the overall  experience of your expedition.

So ultimately no matter where we stay, we need not spend all our money on what will be in most cases a place to sleep and recuperate. There are so many different options for travel, but the most obvious choice for me is apartment rental or air bnb. As scary as one may think it is, in all my travels  I have never had any concerns when booking accommodation with the following two sites; Housetrip and AirBnb.


Even though this is my favourite way to travel I’d like to investigate more luxurious backpacker options (great for young and single travellers). I’d also like to place a few privately owned hotels which offer a more authentic experience. Looking forward to sharing ‘La dolce Vita’ with you.





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