Why I love travel…

So what’s so special about hotel accommodation? Why is it so fascinating to sleep in another bed somewhere between home and the other side of the world. The thing is, no matter what I do there will never be anything like the feeling I get when I open my hotel windows in Florence to see the gargoyle  adorned fountain in a square older than anything you’ve seen in Hepburn films, and even lovelier than any boy you’ve kissed.

It’s all about the moment, the time you step out of the airport and everything seems unfamiliar. Travel is adventure, travel is education you can’t get in the classroom, and travelling means living a good life. I’ll never forget my first overseas trip, I was young, single and still living in the very comfortable surroundings of my parent’s home. It was the single most horrifying and exciting experience I have ever had.

Unlike the first time, I’ve now gained a few more trips under my Passport belt and let me tell you, I’ve learnt a lot. Nothing your mother, friend, or perfect stranger on the street could  recount the feeling of being In a country that you don’t call home. The adrenaline rush of commuting in a foreign country on Vespa, speaking a different language or attending a local town square festival, are a few things one may do , ‘When in Rome’.

I sincerely love writing about travel because it carries with it an intangible value. Travel provides instant life experience and in most of my cases they were always positive even if not everything goes to plan. Learning about new culture’s will enlighten you, and if it doesn’t change your life it will always provide you with a new perspective.

There are many individuals that travel every year to take that plane ride longer than 11 hours in most cases, not just to escape the daily grind but to be inspired. Whether it’s marveling at Mt. Fuji and making it to base camp or taking a gondola through the canals of Venice. No lonely planet guide will ever prepare you for the adventure of travel.


Always sincerely,